The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 1


It’s The Education of a Music Moron! Join us as we explore why Thomas (the Moron) has virtually no connection to music and tries to live vicariously through his patient and distinctly non-moronic co-hosts, Norah and Matt. Will we explore the dark depths of one man’s psyche? Probably not, but we will have a fun and lively conversation about musical influences, listen to songs both awesome and awful, and learn a little about music history, all in the Moron’s vain attempt to recapture the ‘musical youth’ he never had.

Join us for our first episode, 1975, the year the Moron was born, and the ignorance began!

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  1. Hey Moron!!!
    Start with “Hocus Pocus” by Focus, then, add little bit of “Bad Motor Scooter” by Montrose. Throw in a dash of any song off of the “A Trick of the Tail” by Genisis, then just for laughs, play a little Uzeb and that will be your introduction to all that is needed to be knowd, spectrum-wise (if you don’t like my spelling, too bad!)… Soon to be followed by an assortment of other stuff to expand your horizons, of which, I would be glad to submit. Thomas, you “know” music stuff… embrace it, love it, live it!
    Cheers and Happy Music listening you Freakin’ Moron, Funky

  2. Much appreciated on the feedback Sir Michael. I will take your suggestions and download them in due course!

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