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SPIRITS OF ELDON is the sequel to last year’s successful SPIRITS OF PETERSVILLE, which was presented at the Grosvenor Lodge. This year, another historical site, the famous London landmark ELDON HOUSE, has opened its doors and invited in a mass haunting!

There are some key differences this year, including a fiesta of frights provided by EIGHT local writers and performed by EIGHT local performers. Writers were asked to tie their stories into Eldon House to help honour the historic home’s 175th Anniversary. Patrons of SPIRITS OF ELDON will bear witness to the following original tales of terror:

THE NEW DENIZENS – Written & Performed by Jayson McDonald
LATE FOR DINNER – Written by Matt Loop / Performed by Norah Cuzzocrea
THE BARONS – Written by Jason Rip / Performed by Dunbar Thompson
SNUG AS A BUG – Written by Josh Cottrell / Performed by Laura DiTrolio
TEA TIME – Written by Marion Johnson / Performed by Jessica Quartel
PLAY THINGS – Written by Steve Seguin / Performed by Patsy Morgan
GRAVEYARD SHIFT – Written by Lynda Martens / Performed by Chris McCauley
WE ALL BREATHE – Written by Michael Wilmot / Performed by Kim Kaitell

Safety coffins that don’t work? Something special in the pot? A voodoo priest and his friends? The secret behind an old Native blanket? Tea time with a ghost? Ghosts in the air we breathe? SPIRITS OF ELDON is a delightfully macabre compilation of all kinds of terror!

8 Ghost Stories of the Macabre
Presented with Theatre Nemesis
ELDON HOUSE Interpretive Centre
October 27 – 30 8pm
Directors: Jason Rip, Matt Loop, Travis Bailie and Jayson McDonald
Writers: Jason Rip, Jayson McDonald, Michael Wilmont, Marion Johnson, Matt Loop, Lynda Martens, Steve Seguin and Josh Cotrell
Cast: Norah Cuzzocrea, Laura DiTrolio, Kim Kaitell, Jessica Quartel, Chris McAuley, Jayson McDonald, Dunbar Thompson and Patsy Morgan.

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