PROJECT G FORCE: The Movie – St Thomas ALS Edition

PROJECT G FORCE brings it’s unique brand of sketch comedy to the Midtown Tavern on Sunday June 7th at 2pm along with performer Meg McTaggart to help the Believe Army battle ALS!

In a world without meaning…in a time of great peril…in a place not very far from here..Project G Force returns and this time it’s comical.
This time the gang must work together to make a movie before time runs out while bringing you sketches based on everyday life, pop culture and of course movies! If you love Saturday Night Live, SCTV, Mr. Show or just want a place to drink, then check out their all new show, “Project G Force: The Movie”,June 7th at 2pm!

Sketch Comedy
Midtown Tavern
701 Talbot Street, St Thomas
Jun 7, 2015 @ 2pm
Writer: Project G Force
Cast: Thomas Bogad, Norah Cuzzocrea, Laura DiTrolio and Matt Loop
Director: John Pacheco
Stage Manager: Melody Hudson
Costumes & Props: Jen Loop

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