PROJECT G FORCE: The G Force Awakens

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TEN years ago Project G Force arrived on the scene in that most intimate of comedy venues, The Palace Theatre. What we lacked in booking savvy, we more than made up for in heart, poop jokes, and gigantic props.

It’s our diamond anniversary (hint, hint, if you’re thinking of getting us something) and G Force is celebrating with a show packed full of our favourite sketches (and a few new things for the completist) PLUS there’s BEER…lots and lots of beer!
Come see what all the “Brickenden Nominated Outstanding Comedy“ fuss has been about and/or relive the memories again for the first time at the London Music Club, April 28 – 30.

Tickets $15 at door. $12 in advance from cast and crew.

Tickets are also available at

PROJECT G FORCE: The G-Force Awakens
Sketch Comedy
London Music Club
April 28, 29 & 30, 2016 @ 8pm
Writer: Project G Force
Cast: Thomas Bogad, Norah Cuzzocrea, Laura DiTrolio, Matt Loop and special guest star Christian Gundlack!
Director: John Pacheco
Stage Manager: Melody Hudson
Costumes & Props: Jen Loop

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