PROJECT G FORCE in the After School Special

g force after school 300

Have you ever pondered the mysteries of life? Who built Stonehenge? What is the Caramilk secret? What is the origin story of the Super Powered Sketch Comedy Troupe, Project G Force?
Well come join us on March 14th and 15th and we’ll answer at least ONE of these question! In our newest adventure, The Project G Force “After School Special”, the troupe goes back to high school to bring you a very special episode about growing up, self-esteem, redemption and overcoming bad situations like that time your mom found pages from the bra section torn out of the Sears Wishbook under your mattress.
If you love SNL, Mr. Show and SCTV then come on down to the London Music Club as Project G Force once again makes you laugh with their brand of retro funny sketch comedy! Be there or don’t!

Sketch Comedy
London Music Club
Mar 14-15, 2014
Writer: Project G Force
Cast: Thomas Bogad, Norah Cuzzocrea, Laura DiTrolio and Matt Loop


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