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NDT – The New Downtown was a cool underground London Arts and Lifestyle show produced by NIMM New Media that aired on the NEW PL (CFPL TV) in 2000.   The show was a series of segments by different producers targeting a young demo and part of the show featured the antics of characters Joe Ravoli (Matt Loop), Bobby Fontaine (Johnny Bobesich) and Little Louis (Grant Doty).

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Transplanted from the Channel Surfing Rogers show, they were three New Yorkers who found themselves in London discovering the area entertainment scene by getting in mischief and the occasional impromptu hockey game.

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Aired on The New PL in 2000 – 13 Episodes

Segment: Joe Ravolli

Writer: Channel Surfing Comedy Troupe

Cast:  Johnny Bobesich, Grant Doty and Matt Loop

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