Matt Loop was born an only child in St. Thomas with a healthy obsession of television, movies, comics and music.   In high school his friend Dale Andrews asked him to star in a project which ended up being a feature length ‘movie’ called Ancient Evenings and the year after that Matt wrote and starred in the sequel and then another sequel AND then his first original concept The Black Hand.

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At the end of high school Matt wrote his first sketches and performed them at the grade 13 school show (no, this isn’t the plot of a John Hughes movie) and from there he was hooked.   It wasn’t until years later that Matt put in a treatment for a sketch comedy show at Rogers Television in London and to his surprise, it was accepted.   Matt quickly recruited college friends Laurence Simner and Grant Doty and they in turn recruited Johnny Bobesich, Mike Van Holst and Laura Lawton and the TV Show Channel Surfing was born!


After a two year run of the Rogers Show, the next logical step was taking the troupe to stage.  The process of writing inspired much greater concepts and his love of writing short sketches quickly turned to full length plays.   Since then Matt has written full length, short and episodic theatre and has received several Brickenden Outstanding Script Nominations and two of his plays (The UnderAchievers and This Just In) have won Best Comedy.


He has acted in several productions including The UnderAchievers (CSP), GeekQuest 4.0 (CSP & Simply Theatre), The Tower (The Arts Project) and Chelsea and Boggs episode 6: College Girl Coffin Countdown (Rubberfunk).


Loop has worked as a writer/Producer at CFPL TV in London and is currently the Promotions Coordinator and a On-Air Personality at JACK FM.    In theatre he is currently the president of the Brickenden Committee which holds an annual awards show honouring the best in local London Theatre and in real life, he is married to Jen Loop and has two boys Nelson and Wesley.  He is best known for boundless energy, his supreme geekiness, his love of wrestling, his love of the Cleveland Indians and finally his endless supply of selfies.

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