Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo
A Fringe fundraiser for Channel Surfing and Fully Insured
May 5, 2007
Channel Surfing, Paul Merrifield and Fully Insured performed with musical guests Zopiclone, Johnny Terrien and The Bad Lieutenants
Hosted by Mike Van Holst



Channel Surfing Productions follows up their 2005 Best Comedy, “The UnderAchievers”, with “This Just In”!  It’s a newsroom comedy/drama set in the dying town of Petroleum Falls.  When CBS affiliate WPET is suddenly shut down, they go from reporting the news to becoming it, when the employees unknowingly broadcast a fake story about a disease that ends up getting their town quarantined.  The staff of WPET have many decisions to make as they put their integrity, reputations, personal ethics, morales and of course their future careers on the line.

This Just In…
The Arts Project
November 8 – 11, 2006
Director: John Pacheco
Writer: Matt Loop
Cast: Paul Myers, Brad Dishan, Johnny Bobesich, Laura DiTrolio, Lynda Martens, Jeannette Klaver, Simon Goodwin and Dylan Chrisholm
Awards/Nominations: Brickenden winner BEST COMEDY and BEST SOUND (Tony J. Fonseca). Brickenden nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Jeannette Klaver) and BEST BALLYHOO!
Thanks to the London Arts Council and the City of London


hitting their mark

Hitting Their Mark: Uncovering Alternative Theatre is a one-hour documentary capturing the passion and sacrifices of members of a theatre company from London, Ontario, as they produce their first independent play, “The UnderAchievers”

Hitting Their Mark: Uncovering Alternative Theatre
BRAVO!, The A Channel
Sept 20, 2006 (various times after)
Writer/Director: Nick Scott
Producer: Matt Loop
Special Thanks: CHUM TV, BRAVO!, A Channel, Spriet Investment Group, J. Noreen De Shane, Mainstreet London, Joel Adams.


Katrina Relief Concert
Fundraiser for Huricane Katrina
The Arts Project
October 1, 2005
Bands appearing include Allison Brown and the Goin’ Concerns (folk/blues/country), Tony Pacheco (folk/blues/pop/rock), Ian and the Incorrigibles (folk/blues/celtic/country/jazz), B.A. Baracus Band (rock), After the Lounge (pop/funk), Rockin’ Bobby Harris w/$2 Bill (Rock/Rocabilly), Caution Donkeys and Staylefish (Reggae).


The Waiting Room Poster-II copy

Sarah and Ryan are about to have their first child and Sarah’s family is thrilled, except for one thing…Ryan!  A comical view of life in a maternity ward’s waiting room, Channel Surfing Productions brings you an eighteen-hour, labour inducing laugh marathon, neatly delivered in 55 minutes.

The Waiting Room
Wolf Performance Hall
July 29 to August 7, 2005
Director: Johnny Bobesich
Writer: Johnny Bobesich
Cast: David Bogaert, Thomas Bogad, Grant Doty, Don Fleckser, Kelly Murphy and John Pacheco
Awards/Nominations: Brickenden nominated for BEST COMEDY



In a heist gone wrong, six amateur crooks rob a Wiarton bank for their last (and only) big score but end up getting closer to the money than expected. The UnderAchievers is a dark comedy about life in your 30s; could have, would have, and should haves.

The UnderAchievers
The Arts Project
April 20 – 23, 2005
Director: John Pacheco
Writer: Matt Loop
Cast: Travis Bailie, Johnny Bobesich, Thomas Bogad, Matt Loop, Paul Myers and Jeff Werkmeister,
Awards/Nominations: Brickenden winner Best Comedy and Best Sound (John Pacheco, Tony Fonseca, Matt Loop), Brickenden nominated for BALLYHOO, SET DESIGN (John Beverley), ORIGINAL SCRIPT (Matt Loop), BEST ACTOR (Jeff Werkmeister), BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (Paul Myers), BEST DIRECTOR (John Pacheco) and BEST PRODUCTION!
Thanks to the London Arts Council and the City of London



Channel Surfing presents a fundraiser that brings together music and comedy!   Hosted by Matt Webb, One Night Only is a fundraiser for Channel Surfing’s show the UnderAchievers!  Laugh, Rock and have a great time!
One Night Only
Fundraiser for UnderAchievers
March 26, 2005
The Arts Project
Channel Surfing (Bobesich, Doty, Loop and Lucia Mulder) and Fully Insured perform with musical guests Ruth’s Hat, Tommyrot and Tony Pacheco.
Hosted by Matt Webb

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LA DJ ptr3 0704


Celebrity radio personality Ron Starr’s Career is suddenly in the toilet.  The DJ better do something quick or end up being something he doesn’t want to be…himself!  Channel Surfing’s Ron Starr “is fast paced, funny and gritty…a wonderfully entertaining one-man ride down the radio dial.” (Chris Doty, Theatre in London)

The Adventures of Ron Starr: L.A. D.J.
Performed at:
London Fringe Festival
Museum London
July 30 to August 8, 2004
Hamilton Fringe Festival
Jackson Square
June 4-13, 2004
Director: John Pacheco
Writer: Matt Loop
Cast: Grant Doty
Awards/Nominations: Brickenden winner BEST SOUND (Danny Tomasi), Brickenden nominated for SCRIPT (Matt Loop), LIGHTING and BALLYHOO.


SG-7 ptr 010104

Sector 7 G presents a new sketch-com show that’ll make you laugh, make you cry, it’s better than CATS!* It may be called “It’s Funny to Us”, but we’re sure you’ll agree.  (*may not cause crying, may not actually be better than CATS, use as directed, void where prohibited)

It’s Funny To Us
Sector 7G
Sketch Comedy
McManus Studio
July 31 – August 7, 2005
Director: John Pacheco
Writer: Thomas Bogad
Cast: Thomas Bogad, Sylvia Blatnicky, Norah Cuzzocrea, Laura Ditrolio, Christian Gundlack, Michele Kujawa and John Pacheco.
*This is not an official Channel Surfing Production but it was the beginnings of Project G Force.
Awards/Nominations: Brickenden winner BEST BALLYHOO!  London Fringe Impressario winner


Channel Surfing 11 X 17 copy


Get turned on with Channel Surfing!  Last years impressario winners are back with an all new sketch comedy show spoofing television, movies and pop culture.  It’s like all your favourite shows and watching them in fast forward!

The Next Broadcast
Channel Surfing Comedy Troupe
Sketch Comedy
Toronto Fringe Festival; Robert Gill Theatre
July 2 -13, 2003
London Fringe Festival; McManus Theatre
August 8 -17, 2003
Director: John Pacheco
Writer: Channel Surfing Comedy Troupe
Cast: Johnny Bobesich, Grant Doty, Matt Loop and Lorissa Sinasac






If you see only one sequel this summer, make it “Channel Surfing II: The Complete Second Season”.  Channel Surfing brings a unique brand of sketch comedy back to the Fringe in an all new show!  With appearances by the Soprano’s, Casey Kasem, Ozzy and more.   Watch ‘television in the comfort of your own theatre.  Twice the laughs, twice the Channel Surfing!

The Complete Second Season
Channel Surfing Comedy Troupe
Sketch Comedy
London Fringe Festival
Spriet Family Theatre
August 10 -18, 2002
Director: John Pacheco
Writer: Channel Surfing Comedy Troupe
Cast: Johnny Bobesich, James Brejcha, Grant Doty, Laura Lawton and Matt Loop
Awards/Nominations: Brickenden nomination for BEST COMEDY, Won London Fringe Impressario



channel first and final

Get ready for a thrill ride through the television universe! As you watch Channel Surfing, you will experience sketch comedy like never before: this show has a TV twist. It’s time for you to become the “studio audience” — so cheering is encouraged! Get sick with laughter…or just get sick…you are about to experience Channel Surfing! Theatre for the short attention span!

London Fringe Festival
McManus Theatre
August 10 -18, 2001
Director: John Pacheco
Writer: Channel Surfing Comedy Troupe & Vito D’Amico
Cast: (Vito D’Amico) Johnny Bobesich, Grant Doty, Laura Lawton and Matt Loop


Matt 2

NDT – The New Downtown was a cool underground London Arts and Lifestyle show produced by NIMM New Media that aired on the NEW PL (CFPL TV) in 2000.   The show was a series of segments by different producers targeting a young demo and part of the show featured the antics of characters Joe Ravoli (Matt Loop), Bobby Fontaine (Johnny Bobesich) and Little Louis (Grant Doty).

ravolli 2

Transplanted from the Channel Surfing Rogers show, they were three New Yorkers who found themselves in London discovering the area entertainment scene by getting in mischief and the occasional impromptu hockey game.

ravolli 3

Aired on The New PL in 2000 – 13 Episodes

Segment: Joe Ravolli

Writer: Channel Surfing Comedy Troupe

Cast:  Johnny Bobesich, Grant Doty and Matt Loop


channel Surfing season 2 poster


Channel Surfing was lucky enough to get a second season on Rogers Television and they ran with it creating even more new characters while producing 9 new episodes!  The writing became stronger, the sketches much more elaborate and the addition of Jade Mitchell only further strengthened the team.


Aired on Rogers Television from 1999 to 2000

Writer: Channel Surfing Comedy Troupe
Cast Johnny Bobesich, Grant Doty, Matt Loop, Jade Mitchell and Mike Van Holst
Awards/Nominations: Hometown Video Awards (Arizona) Honorable mention




channel surfing season 1 poster


Before there was Channel Surfing Productions, there was CHANNEL SURFING the comedy troupe and TV show on Rogers Television!  The show was 5 episodes and introduced London and area to characters such as Tommi Lu, Major Headrush, Anne of Green Ghetto’s, Walter Peterson and more!



Aired for 5 episodes on Rogers Television 1998 to 1999

bee geesscan0006
Writer: Channel Surfing Comedy Troupe
Cast: Johnny Bobesich, Grant Doty, Laura Lawton, Matt Loop, Laurence Simner and Mike Van Holst
Awards/Nominations: Galaxy Cable Awards – Runner Up Best Entertainment Program


The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 12


It’s The Education of a Music Moron: Episode 12! This time out we take a look at the year 1989 with our special guest Grant Doty. On this episode we continue the trek of the Moron not having any relatable musical stories, Norah tells the tale of a celebrity encounter, Grant spills the beans of his karaoke past, and Matt almost gets killed by Bette Midler! All this and more, so listen in and rock on!

The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 11


It’s The Education of a Music Moron Episode 11! This time around we dissect the year 1988. Joining us is our special guest star Johnny Bobesich. So what treats are in store for you in this episode? Matt tells the humble tale of his R&B origins, Norah muses on the mediocrity of this particular year, Johnny tries out a new catchphrase that will certainly NOT sweep the nation, and the Moron tries to find a hidden gem in the Billboard Top 100! All that, and a piece of the Moron-puzzle is revealed, so join us and rock on!

The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 10


It’s The Education of a Music Moron Episode 10! This time we discuss the year 1987, with our special guest, my very own brother Markus Bogad. He gives us the some insight into my moronic past and we discuss the musical influence he had on my life, and why he pretty much dislikes every song of this particular year. Plus Norah gives us some insight into the unrequited love of a teenage girl, and Matt brings up some guy named Prince. All that and more! Stay tuned and everybody may just have fun tonight! Rock on.

The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 9


It’s The Education of a Music Moron Episode 9! This time we take on the year 1986. In this episode our special guest is Michael Becker who has his own damn internet radio station! ( But he also has an extensive music collection and a tremendous hate-on for a certain material girl. Plus Matt tells us of his rappin’ past, I reveal a tragic incident from my youth and Norah ticks off just about everyone. All that plus our song choice of the year! Rock on everyone.

The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 8

Episode 8 Cover 2

It’s the Education of a Music Moron Episode 8! This time we tackle the year 1985, with our special guest Laura DiTrolio. Matt continues to astonish us with his collection of every song ever made, Norah nearly sheds a tear, Laura feels the music down to her bones, and the Moron learns what the hell a Feargal Sharkey is. And as a bonus, for some reason Kenny Rogers gets his own tangent of discussion. All this and song of the year, so join us for the awesomeness that is 1985!

The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 7

Episode 7 Cover

It’s the Education of a Music Moron Episode 7: Guilty Pleasures and Deep Tracks. Join Thomas, Matt and Norah for this very special episode with guest John Pacheco. We’ll be discussing the songs from the 80’s that we’re too embarassed to say we actually like. Plus, we talk about some not so familiar songs in our deep tracks and hidden gems section. Also, controversy abound as we get into bands that you may love, but we just don’t give a rat’s ass about. U2 can be part of that (did I just give away too much?) And finally be astonished at the depths of The Morons true ignorance as he reveals how he picked one of the songs for this episode! Listen and rock on.


The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 6

Ep 6 - 1984

It’s the Education of a Music Moron Episode 6! This time we discuss the year 1984, a year of some pretty damn solid music. What do we learn this time? Norah surprises all with an INXS deep track. Matt disappoints us all with his love for one of the worst songs of all time. Special guest Laurence Simner joins us and shares a shocking Kevin Bacon secret, and The Moron makes a comment which leads to the creation of the greatest band of name of all time? Will The Moron finally be educated? Nope, but it’s still a damn funny ride!


The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 5


It’s Episode 5 of The Education of a Music Moron! This time we tackle the year 1983. And what does this year bring? I continue my love of Germania! Matt brings out his complete air band. Norah reveals her unnatural devotion to Duran Duran. Plus, our special guest star is none other than Steve Stax, the host of the morning show on 102.3 BOB FM in London, Ontario. It’s a real radio guy! With real musical knowledge! Talking to us…really! Could I use any more exclamation points?!!?! Tune in to find out!

The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 4

moron ep 4

It’s The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 4! This time the gang takes on the year 1982, with special guest star Cora Linden! In this ep we discuss the likes of The Dead Kennedys, Frank Zappa, and Men at Work (bet you never expected to see those three in the same sentence). We also discuss the dislikes of Toto, Dan Fogelberg, Charlene and Hooked on Classics. Also one astonishing secret of The Moron is revealed. Could he really have missed out on one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of all time? Tune in and find out!

The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 3


It’s The Education of a Music Moron – Episode 3! This time the Moron, along with Matt, and Norah take on the year 1980! We discuss the likes of The Clash, Kool and the Gang, and The Smurfs. The Smurfs…really? Also find out why Norah hates Pina Colada, and why Gary Numan could very well be a genius. Rock on everyone.