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After serving 12 years, bank robber Simon Malone, the notorious motor-cycle bandit, is finally free from prison.  He’s a reformed man, trying to start his life over again as a law abiding member of society…that is until his past catches up with him.  Under parole, Simon finds himself working at an all-night struggling pizzeria called “The All-American Pizza Shop” when suddenly an old friend comes calling.   It turns out Simon still has some old debts outstanding and they want their money.  With no where to turn, Simon embarks on a shady scheme to try and pay off his debts while trying to stay clean in the process.  Will Simon’s plan work or will it fall apart like a soggy pizza pie?

The Pizza Joint
The Palace Theatre
December 7 -15, 2007
Director: John Pacheco
Writer: Johnny Bobesich
Cast: Simon Goodwin, Brad Dishan, Laura DiTrolio, Peter Evans, Tasha Williamson, Stephanie Smith, Adam Boyce, Dunbar Thompson, Harry Edison, Kelly Webb, Dale Hirlehey, Sylvia Blatnicky, Kevin Hassin, Tony Biviano, Carlo Hermann, Dorian Mills.
Awards/Nominations: Brickenden nominated for BEST SCRIPT (Johnny Bobesich), BEST COMEDY, BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (Peter Evans), BEST BALLYHOO and BEST SOUND (Tony J. Fonseca).
Thanks to the London Arts Council and the City of London

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